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Asortiman proizvoda audio tehnike koji imamo u ponudi pokriva potrebe opremanja studija, scenskih nastupa, ozvučenja. Izdvajamo mikrofone Beyerdynamic, SM Pro Audio i Carvin vrhunskog kvaliteta kao i Carvin pojačala, studijsku opremu Sound Scape dostupnu samo u Harmoniji!
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OPUS 69 vokalni mikrofon Beyerdynamic

OPUS 69 vokalni mikrofon

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Professional, dynamic vocal microphone A premium microphone giving a wide, uncoloured response and a real sense of control for performers that love to manipulate the vocal "proximity-effect" by changing the distance between the microphone and the sound so

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OC8 / predpojačalo [optical compresor] SM Pro Audio

OC8 / predpojačalo [optical compresor]

496,01 € (uključen PDV)
58.033,52 RSD

Predpojačalo. Model OC8

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OPUS 51 mikrofon za klavir Beyerdynamic

OPUS 51 mikrofon za klavir

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Boundary microphone, electret condenser, half spherical The Piano is an expressive instrument with a wide dynamic range and multiple sound sources coming from the strings and frame into which it is constructed. All of these subtle sounds and nuances have

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Gitarsko pojačalo  - BELAIR Carvin

Gitarsko pojačalo - BELAIR

846,59 € (uključen PDV)
99.051,15 RSD

Kombo pojačalo za gitaru, 50W, sa dva SELECTION G12 zvučnika. Za sve detalje o CARVIN pojačalima, pogledajte PDF fajl. NOMAD & BEL AIR COMBO SPECS: Speakers: One/Two Celestion G12 Vintage 30 12” spks RMS Power: 33 watts Vintage 33, 50 watts all others

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NE 600 S, 506-530 MHZ bežični mikrofonski sistem Beyerdynamic

NE 600 S, 506-530 MHZ bežični mikrofonski sistem

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1-channel receiver (UHF), 16 pre-programmed frequencies, for Opus 600 transmitters The NE 600 UHF diversity receiver with PLL synthesizer technology is suitable for a variety of applications: For example for musicians or actors on stage, presenters and mo

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HWP - 0005 Sound Scape

HWP - 0005

5.352,01 € (uključen PDV)
626.184,94 RSD

mix pander

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Istaknuti proizvodi

Bas pojačalo -  RL410T

Bas pojačalo - RL410T

537,53 € (uključen PDV)
62.890,47 RSD

Zvučna kutija za pojačalo R1000, 4 x 10 " (incha). Unutra su CARVIN zvučnici. Za sve detalje o CARVIN pojačalima pogledajte PDF. The RL410T is a four-10” speaker system designed for the professional who wants the absolute best in bass guitar amplificat

FLUTE microphone. FX 1

FLUTE microphone. FX 1

263,35 € (uključen PDV)
30.812,23 RSD

mikrofonski sistem za flautu, model FX1 X series The SD Systems X series were originally created as student models. But the final design gives such a clear and brilliant sound, everyone can use it. The FX-1, with perfect positioning and excellent so

Razglas - S400D

Razglas - S400D

634,93 € (uključen PDV)
74.287,32 RSD

Mikser, 4 kanala u zvucnoj kutiji sa digitalnim efektima, oznaka D The StageMate™ S400D is Carvin's amazing portable sound system with built-in digital effects. Ideal for parties, picnics, club meetings, weddings, church gatherings, company functions, s

Drums pick-up BS SYSTEM

Drums pick-up BS SYSTEM

51,71 € (uključen PDV)
6.049,79 RSD

pick up za ozvučenje bubnjeva, BS system (Piezo)

EM9600 /mikrofon kondenzatorski

EM9600 /mikrofon kondenzatorski

178,16 € (uključen PDV)
20.844,30 RSD

studijski mikrofon, studio kondenzatorski mikrofon, model EM9600

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Violina 3/4 komplet mod. 14W

Violina 3/4 komplet mod. 14W
284,59 €
256,13 €
29.967,58 RSD
Ušteda: 10.00%
Bongodu, iz serije klasičan Udu

Bongodu, iz serije klasičan Udu
197,07 €
23.057,40 RSD

13,55 €
1.584,93 RSD
BEETHOVEN, Ludwig van  -

BEETHOVEN, Ludwig van - "For Elise" and Piano Piece in B flat m
4,46 €
521,87 RSD
Električna gitara - BOLT

Električna gitara - BOLT
964,13 €
112.803,30 RSD
BLACKWELL, Kathy and David - Cello Time Christmas / Easy cello p

BLACKWELL, Kathy and David - Cello Time Christmas / Easy cello p
10,05 €
1.176,27 RSD