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Designed in Australia by a highly credentialed team of experts, Ashton’s range of musical instruments and sound equipment are ready to rock your world. The instruments, systems and accessories you’ll find inside are the end result of countless hours of development, research and testing. So, whether you’re after a guitar, bass, violin, drum kit, keyboard, amplifier, PA system or accessories to match, you can be sure you are getting a top quality sound at a rock bottom price.

Ashton is proud of its homegrown heritage.

Our local design team features some of Australia’s most talented craftsmen, engineers, product specialists and musicians who oversee their creations from concept right through to the factory floor. It is the talent, knowledge and commitment of our team that allows us to deliver on our philosophy – to offer musicians everywhere the highest quality instruments and equipment at very affordable prices.

Mikrofon - komplet sa stalkom Ashton

Mikrofon - komplet sa stalkom

83,30 € (uključen PDV)
9.745,66 RSD

Mikrofon, komplet sa stalkom

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Drums pick-up BS SYSTEM

Drums pick-up BS SYSTEM

51,71 € (uključen PDV)
6.049,79 RSD

pick up za ozvučenje bubnjeva, BS system (Piezo)

Bas pojačalo -  RL410T

Bas pojačalo - RL410T

537,53 € (uključen PDV)
62.890,47 RSD

Zvučna kutija za pojačalo R1000, 4 x 10 " (incha). Unutra su CARVIN zvučnici. Za sve detalje o CARVIN pojačalima pogledajte PDF. The RL410T is a four-10” speaker system designed for the professional who wants the absolute best in bass guitar amplificat

Violina 1/4 komplet mod. 14W

Violina 1/4 komplet mod. 14W

284,59 €
256,13 € (uključen PDV)
29.967,58 RSD
Ušteda: 10.00%

Violina model 14W, veličina 1/4. Vrh:brušena smreka, zadnja strana, vrat i strane: javor, izrada:ebonas, finalna obrada: poliuretanski visoki sjaj ili mat, ugrađene trake, boja bogata braon



13,55 € (uključen PDV)
1.584,93 RSD

Električna gitara - BOLT

Električna gitara - BOLT

964,13 € (uključen PDV)
112.803,30 RSD

CARVIN električne gitare idu rame uz rame s Gibson i PRS gitarama! Električne gitare sa šrafljenim vratom. Ove Carvin gitare su jedini tip "bolt neck" gitara proizvedenih u Americi. S obzirom na unikatnist cena je vrlo pristupačna. Ove gitare imaju speci

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77,75 €
9.096,77 RSD
Klupica za pianino, crna, crni pliš, model 105

Klupica za pianino, crna, crni pliš, model 105
208,69 €
24.417,29 RSD
Usna harmonika Blues Harp

Usna harmonika Blues Harp
19,40 €
2.269,71 RSD
BEETHOVEN, Ludwig van  -

BEETHOVEN, Ludwig van - "For Elise" and Piano Piece in B flat m
4,46 €
521,87 RSD
Pianino srednje serije model P 116 E1 Orah, poliran

Pianino srednje serije model P 116 E1 Orah, poliran
5.300,56 €
620.165,52 RSD
Klasična gitara broj 4655

Klasična gitara broj 4655
112,74 €
101,46 €
11.871,23 RSD
Ušteda: 10.00%